Reintegration Centre



A home where survivors of Human Trafficking/Prostitution are empowered for reintegration back into society as active participants with their dignity restored.


Who can stay in the house:

  • Rehabilitated survivors
  • Local and International Volunteers


  • This project is designed to provide the stepping stone between safe-house and entering back into society. The Reintegration Center offers a safe and homely accommodation which caters for both volunteer and survivor. This enables an environment of mentorship and constant teaching and learning.
  • The center offers counselling, alongside skills that will enable them to achieve financial sustainable freedom. We will employ them or empower them to seek employment elsewhere after they have become employable.  We have initiated this project because we want to see sustainable exit strategies in our work.  When victims are restored through adequate ways to deal with their traumas and they become survivors, they need a means of income as well as accommodation so that they can stay as survivors who will also reintegrate back into society as active contributors.
  • We will assist with the repatriation process should this be a request or desire.
  • The Reintegration Center houses up to 8 tenants at a time.  Their are four bedrooms with an en suite bathroom, a communal kitchen, lounge and small dining area, with a scullery.

We encourage all survivors that wish to live in the house, to try and get a sponsor to cover their monthly costs and for those that can't afford it, we encourage them to secure a job or participate in the iGugu project.  The monthly fee is R 2 500, which covers electricity, water, accommodation and meals.


Residents in this house are successful when they possess the following:

  • Email Address/CV/Bank Account
  • Income
  • Able to pay rent, buy food, cover personal expenses
  • Financial stewardship: Can budget and save
  • Flourishing walk with Jesus
  • Grow as a survivor leader
  • Has a clear life purpose and goals
  • Grows socially - has new healthy relationships
  • Grows emotionally and psychologically
  • Reconciles and reunites with family based on circumstances
  • Able to progress to bigger accommodation.

To find out more about this programme and should you wish to refer a survivor: please feel free to email 

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