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A world where God’s Love and effective mass media engagement breaks the cycle of Human Trafficking and brings sustainable freedom to restore a God-given Identity in people.


To use the love of God and effective media awareness to prevent, rescue, empower, rehabilitate and reintegrate victims of Human Trafficking and prostitution and to restore them to their humanity so they can live in freedom as God created them in His image.


  • To help potential victims of Human Trafficking and prostitution by prevention, ways to exit and rehabilitation.
  • The prevention working areas include:
  • To prevent Human Trafficking among vulnerable groups through creating awareness campaigns about Human Trafficking in communities and urban areas and continuous research and documentation.
  • To rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate victims of Human Trafficking through outreaches, and Safe houses.
  • To reach out to traffickers through the media with God’s love so that they can be set free.
  • To produce anti-trafficking films and materials to be used for anti-trafficking awareness creation and training.
  • To build the capacity of anti-human trafficking organisations, safe house managers, victims of human trafficking so that they can effectively deliver their message.
  • To advocate for/with and on behalf of the victims of human trafficking.
  • To build the institutional capacity of MeCAHT to effectively deliver on her mandate. 

A Brief History Of MeCAHT

MeCAHT is an international faith – based, media-driven non-profit coalition working to reduce the incidences of human trafficking among vulnerable groups. MeCAHT operates in South Africa, Nigeria and has numerous partners in Europe and USA.

In 2008, YWAM Media Village Nigeria (www.mediavillagenigeria.org) started a counter trafficking initiative, which trained journalists from Nigeria and Germany to report on human trafficking in the two countries.

In 2009, Media Village went into a formal foundational partnership with KIT (Church integration Ministries) Denmark (http://www.kit-danmark.dk/dk/), and other relevant Nigerian partners. It was there that this Media Village counter trafficking initiative was defined as MeCAHT (Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking). In 2015, MeCAHT could only be registered in Nigeria as Media Coalition & Awareness to Halt Trafficking; the acronym still stayed the same as MeCAHT.

MeCAHT was registered in South Africa in 2014 as Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking.

In 2016 Project Jewel e.V was founded in Germany, with the goal to finance the fight against human trafficking. Project Jewel is a promotion agency for MeCAHT as well as like-minded NGOs.

Through information and fundraising Project Jewel contributes towards the fight against the exploitation of people.

Project Jewel e.V. is recognized as a non-profit in Germany and issues donation certificates upon request.

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MeCAHT Services

Meet Our South African Team

Anne Abok
Anne AbokInternational Director
Sophia Roman
Sophia RomanEvents Coordinator
Blessing Anya Azi
Blessing Anya AziGauteng Coordinatorblessing@mecaht.org
Alex Abok
Alex AbokOutreach and Media Leaderalex@mecaht.org
Joyce Adams
Joyce AdamsFundraiser/Eventsjoyce@mecaht.org
Patricia Winer
Patricia Winer iGugu Production Manager info@mecaht.org
ilyana Traut
ilyana TrautSA National Coordinatorilyana@mecaht.org
Monica Bubu Mfengu
Monica Bubu MfenguMeCAHT PR monica@mecaht.org
Thabile Molapisane
Thabile MolapisaneSocial Mediasocial@mecaht.org

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